On going

  • MobiForBasic: the Mobile Forensics basic (MobiForBasic) project is a one-year European project (funded by ECTEG) aiming to develop a training on Mobile Forensics (basic level) for European Law Enforcement Agencies to replace the current outdated course with the state of the art processes, technical operations and good practices. Period: 2020 - now.

  • Formal methods and models for data analysis, infrastructures and security in the Internet of Things: a one-year Italian research project (funded by INdAM - GNCS) aiming to study and design models, algorithms and formal methods to address the architectural and security challenges for realizing the IoT vision. Period: 2020 - now.

  • Teaching Cloud Computing: a website with various resources for educators and students available here. Period: 2019 - now.

  • LSBC: a two-years Italian research project (funded by MIUR) that focus on the design and deployment of distributed computing platforms for large-scale bioinformatics applications. Period: 2019 - now.

  • EasyCloud: an open-source toolkit for multi-cloud instance management, written in Python, by means of which a user can interact with multiple cloud platforms at the same time to manage her/his instances. For more details, please visit the EasyCloud project page. Period: 2019 - now.

  • AnForA: the Android Forensics Automator (AnForA) is a tool aiming at automating the forensic analysis of Android applications. Period: 2018 - now.


  • Resource management in fog computing: design, modeling, and analysis: a two-years Italian research project (funded by MIUR) that focus on the modeling, design and analysis of resource management strategies in next-generation fog computing systems. Period: 2017-2019.

  • KITE: towards a Knowledge-Intensive and Technology-enhanced patient Emergency Management. Period: 2016-2018

  • SmartFASI: Financial Advisory Smart Services Infrastructures (Polo Innovazione ICT - Regione Piemonte ). Period: 2013-2015

  • EFFICIENT: the Energy eFFIcient teChnologIEs for the Networks of Tomorrow (EFFICIENT) project is a two-years Italian PRIN research project (funded by MIUR) that focus on innovative solutions, mechanism and architectures, able to disruptively boost the network energy efficiency and to explicitly control and manage energy saving by exploiting network-specific features. Period: 2010 - 2012.

  • myMed: a trans border computer network for the exchange of contents in a fixed and mobile environment. Period: 2010-2013

  • ShareGrid: a collaborative project, aimed at providing a computing and storage service to the academic research community (read more). Period: 2007-2010

  • Wide-scalE: Broadband Middleware for Network Distributed Services (WebMINDS). Period: 2002-2005

  • GridComputing: EnablingTechnologies for eScience (funded by Italian MIUR). Period: 2002-2004