We are involved in several research projects. We propose some of the tasks involved in these projects as a thesis for both undergraduate and master’s degree students. In this page we introduce our proposals, if you are interested in any of them, just send us an email.

  • The Android Forensics Automator (AnForA) is a tool for the Automated Forensic Analysis of Android Applications. In particular, AnForA automates most of the activities that need to be carried out to forensically analyze Android applications, and that has been designed in such a way to yield various important properties, namely fidelity, artifact coverage, artifact precision, effectiveness, repeatability, and generality. We have developed a proof-of-concept implementation of AnForA, which relies on a mix of freely available tools and of software components that we developed specifically for it using the Python and the C++ languages. The student has to improve the functionalities of AnForA and implement new ones.

  • EasyCloud is an easy and effective toolkit and user interface able to not only interact with multiple and different Cloud/Edge platforms at the same time but also to provide a rule-based engine where the user can specify what to do in real-time when the workload of the services running on the Clouds/Edges becomes underutilized (e.g., switch-off the service to save money) or overutilized (e.g., switch-on new computational resources to overcome the increased workload). EasyCloud is written in the Python programming language, which ensures maximum portability and fast development. Its source code is publicly available here. The student has to improve the functionalities of EasyCloud and implement new ones.